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About Us

We are a firm believer that during life, we have had the opportunity to develop into our own being. Along the way we have had our family, made friends, and made enemies.

We don't always say what we would like to, for various reasons. But when the time comes when you are not able to say those last words, you can record and direct those that are responsible for your body to deliver your message the way you want it to be done.

Our philosophy is simple, it's your death, die with the knowledge that you will finally be able to say to those that you were not able to when you were alive. Don't let anyone intimidate you into holding those words back that need to be said.We are here to provide the tools necessary to give you the ability to make those words heard, even after you are gone.

A Word of Warning !

This service is not intended for or does it condone a message system for anyone considering suicide.  Any funeral director should decline any request to use a MY DYING WORD recording unless you are utilizing a state authorized means to end your life.